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Chemy Cards offers the following services:

Laser Cutting Cards

Among millions of invitation designs, some of the most interesting come from laser cutters. Don't miss these amazing laser-cut invitations and cards! Laser cutting is a process where a laser beam is used to remove material, passing completely through a surface (such as paper or wood) based on a predefined pattern or design. Laser engraving is similar process, but the laser beam doesn’t cut completely through, instead removing or burning only the surface of the material.

What follows is a selection of the most intuitive, attractive, crafty, and appealing laser cut invitation designs that are available to buy. Each design here has been chosen to highlight an aspect of what is possible with laser cutting and engraving, whether you just want a unique invitation or you need some inspiration to make your own. The order of presentation is random.


Featuring traditional motifs and bold, beautiful colors and designs, our range has been crafted in India to the highest and most authentic standards.

The theme of your wedding should be inherent in your wedding invitations. Our collection of themed wedding invitations have been constructed from the finest materials and handcrafted for a personal touch to suit the traditional and cultural aspects of your wedding. Bringing you joy as you create memories, your wedding invitations and cards will be a perfect souvenir of a day you will never forget.

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